Quick Start Program: Give your self-defense skills a turbo boost right off the start line with our Quick Start Program. The Quick Start Program is designed to work along side your regular membership with a small package of private lessons (usually 4 Ė 6 lessons), to get you up to speed and learn the basics as quickly as possible. If your goal is to jump into classes comfortably looking like youíve been training for some time then the quick start option is for you!

Private Lessons: Private Lessons at Warrior are for individuals who want to speed their goals along with one-on-one private or semi private lessons. Available to both members and non-members, take full advantage of the most experienced instruction team in York Region.

Work different hours or find it hard to keep to a consistent schedule? Letís design your training program around your life, to meet your convenience. Whether your goal is to increase strengths, improve weaknesses or build a solid foundation before attending regular classes, Warrior Private Lessons are for you.

We will build a custom program for your skill level, your goals and your body type. Overcome all obstacles; donít let anything slow you down.

Lifeís too short. Donít wait ACCELERATE!