Do you feel your children's time could be better spent before you get home from work? Do you think your child would enjoy organized physical activity everyday along with arts and crafts and outings? Well we do and we're willing to pick them up from school each day to prove it!

Our After School Program replaces the need for daycare in a Fun, Structured Program that builds Confidence, Fitness, Social Skills, and Respect.

Your child will develop healthy exercise habits that will stick with them for life and they’ll have fun while doing it! They will learn about setting goals and achieving them. They will make new friends that like to be active too! All this is achieved through participating in a variety of sports and activities including Mixed Martial Arts. In addition, the Mixed Martial Arts portion of the program gives the needed skills to instill confidence.

Our program is the #1 program of it’s kind in York Region running for over 18 years. We try to get all the homework done before you pick them up, so you have more quality time in the evenings with them. Bottom Line; great friends and bonds are made as your child’s focus and self esteem soars!

  • A healthy snack is provided daily at no additional cost.
  • 1 hour of physical activity through a variety of different sports and games including Mixed Martial Arts
  • Monitored homework time everyday; means more free time for you at home each evening.
  • Regular outings including Bowling, Golf, Trampoline, Movies and more.

A full day program is offered on PA days, March Break, and a portion of the Christmas holiday. Come see our amazing facility and give your child the Warrior quality they deserve!



"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the positive atmosphere and attitude found at Warrior. Our daughter has noticeably changed for the better with respect to her physical fitness, energy levels and school grades. All the staff are deservedly respected and set a high standard as roll models to the kids."
Giles Collins