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Our state-of-the-art facilities are simply unparalleled. Warrior is the largest PREMIUM training facility in York Region and we provide 3 of the Largest Full Separate Dojos (Gyms) in Ontario.

Our facility is exceptionally clean, spacious, air-conditioned and each Dojo has its own separate behind glass parent viewing; so parents don't miss a moment of their child's progress.  Warrior is equipped with a full size professional boxing ring, padded half cage and everything needed for World Class Professional Training.

We’re one of the largest martial arts schools in Canada.

The entire flooring surfaces of all of our Dojos are “Tatami” matted. This tatami flooring is the same as used at the Olympic Games and the walls of the Dojos perimeters are padded as well. These padded surfaces allow our students to give their very best with the confidence that an Olympic caliber facility is surrounding them.

Our Fitness Facility provides everything needed to keep in shape; it is provided "FREE OF CHARGE" to adult members and parents of children enrolled in our programs. From Lifecycles to Nautilus weights, to a wide variety of free weight machines, we have it covered.

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  • 16,000 square feet of elite, temperature-controlled training facility
  • Three separate large Tatami matted Dojos for your safety and enjoyment
  • Full weight room and cardio facilities
  • Full Size Professional Boxing Ring and Padded Half Cage
  • All Tatami matts imported from Europe
  • Separate full Muay Thai training area
  • Muay Thai heavy bags from Thailand
  • Thai pads, low leg pads and punching mitts from Thailand
  • High fidelity, state of the art sound system
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Everything you need for championship training

Warrior would like to thank Facility Designer Ken Gibb for his tireless effort and dedication. It is his craftsmanship and visions that made Warrior the world-class facility it is.


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