K-1 Kickboxing / Muay Thai

The evolution has arrived in Newmarket and Aurora! K-1 Kickboxing is recognized globally as the most effective striking art today. K-1 is the evolution of Muay Thai, Boxing and other martial arts and it is the recognized competition standard to crown World Champions in striking arts today.

At Warrior our K-1 / Muay Thai program is designed for members to start with little or no previous experience. Members have the opportunity to learn K-1 Kickboxing under Champions who will help you learn how to punch, kick, practice balance, learn proper rhythm and increase your speed and power as you hone your skills.

Our K-1 Kickboxing / Muay Thai program is ideal for members who want outstanding fitness while learning in a relaxed environment. The curriculum covers everything from K-1 / Muay Thai basics to advanced training techniques including ring strategies, generating power, footwork angles and more.

At Warrior we have been teaching K-1 / Muay Thai for two decades and we are proud to say that our classes are host to a great variety of people ranging in skills and goals.  It’s true Warrior has developed many Muay Thai, Boxing & MMA champions, but our greatest pride and focus stays with bringing this amazing art to the community.  At Warrior, our National and Provincial champions train alongside regular highly motivated Warrior students to produce an atmosphere of encouragement that simply can’t be beat!

  • Train DAILY under Former National Kickboxing Champions
  • Full body strength, conditioning and flexibility workout
  • Encourages self discipline
  • Trains excellent self defense
  • Trains for a positive mindset
  • Gain greater confidence

You can do it, we know you can! We’ll be right there with you every step of the way. Contact us you your free trial today!



“During his competitive career Riggs was both a Jiu-Jitsu Grappling and North American Kickboxing Champion; an amazing accomplishment.”

“Terry Riggs is Canada’s MMA Authority. If you’re looking for someone to teach you or your kids, Riggs is the guy that you want for an instructor.”
Martial Arts Professional Magazine