our Instructors


Terry Riggs

Terry Riggs is a former NORTH AMERICAN KICKBOXING CHAMPION and CANADIAN BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU CHAMPION. He is a IBJJF Renzo Gracie 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and holds a 5th Degree Traditional Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. Terry has coached professionally at the biggest MMA shows in the world; most notably, the UFC, International Fight League (IFL) and Pride Bushido as a coach for TEAM JAPAN. One of the most seasoned and respected MMA Coaches in Canada with over 100 PROFESSIONAL MMA bouts coached.  Terry’s athletes have been World Champions and have been at the top of the BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA scene in Ontario for 20 years. Among the athletes that have put their trust in Terry for coaching are Carlos Newton, Claude Patrick, Tom Waters, Wagnney Fabiano and Brent Beauparlant to name a few. After 40 years of competing and coaching; you know your development is in great hands under Terry.

Carlos Newton

Carlos “The Ronin” Newton is a UFC WORLD CHAMPION and PRIDE JAPAN MMA LEGEND. The first, of only 2 Canadians to ever win the UFC world champion title, Carlos has always been considered a MMA fan favourite and a "Submission Master”. Carlos is truly one of the most recognizable internationally dominant fighters to have ever pioneered MMA competition; competing worldwide in the most prestigious MMA organizations including UFC, Pride FC, IFL, K-1, and Shooto. Carlos was the first Warrior MMA Black Belt under Terry Riggs and holds one of the highest ranking BJJ Black Belts in Canada, as a IBJJF 3rd Degree Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. With an outstanding professional career lasting over 15 years, he will forever be one of Canadian’s most successful Mixed Martial Arts icons.

Everton McEwan

8 X CANADIAN GOLDEN GLOVES CHAMPION Everton McEwan is a trainer of Professional Boxing Champions. He holds the Canadian Amateur Boxing Record for most knockouts with 87 KO victories and a total personal boxing record of 136 – 7, outstanding! Everton is one of the most respected and experienced Canadian Professional Boxing Coaches today, working throughout his coaching career with some of the World’s finest boxers and Canada’s most famous MMA competitors. Now he can coach you!

Tom Waters

KING OF THE RING MMA CHAMPION Tom Waters is an international professional Mixed Martial Arts Athlete. He has competed across the globe for Impact FC and W-1. Tom had outstanding amateur careers in both MMA and Kickboxing; going 8 – 0 in MMA and becoming a CASK K-1 / Muay Thai Canadian National Champion. Tom is a Warrior MMA Black Belt (the Gold Seal of Professional MMA skills) and a former Ontario Provincial Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Silver Medalist. Through Tom you can see the Warrior tradition of excellence has been passed on to another generation once again. Tom’s classes are particularly known for fun, variation and sweat!

Jason Campbell

Jason has the longest tenure as a coach at Warrior, along with Terry Riggs. He has been helping parents teach their kids character along with self-defense for over 15 years at Warrior. Jason has a Black Belt and has been both Ontario Tae Kwon Do and Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Champion. He is a certified Personal Trainer, Veteran MMA Competitor and a Hypnosis Therapist. Experience and consistency is what Jason brings to the table, your child couldn’t find a better instructor to model for integrity and technical excellence.

Jon Rooks

A fixture at Warrior since it opened, Jon is a Black Belt and is a seasoned MMA veteran competitor. Jon now takes pride in passing along the character and skills he has learned at Warrior to the next generation. Jon is an Ontario Provincial Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Silver Medalist and a former Tae Kwon Do Champion. He has been a Warrior instructor for over a decade and has enjoyed seeing a decade of Warrior children grow and develop.

Andrew Orourke

Always a children’s favorite, Andrew is a No Gi Grapplers Quest Gold Medalist and an Ontario Golden Gloves Silver Medalist. He is a children’s instruction specialist and delivers a full “Bully Buster” and conflict resolution program in his classes. Andrew is about raising kid's self-esteem while teaching them the best junior self-defense taught anywhere. Easy to relate too, Andrew successfully mixes fun into the Warrior curriculum while empowering every child through MMA.

James Arvanitopoulos

James is a Professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor and a former Ontario Provincial Jiu- Jitsu (BJJ) Champion. He is an organized children’s MMA instructor, a great role model and is fantastic at delivering the Warrior character building program. James started at Warrior at almost 100 lbs above his professional fight weight, he is a shining example of determination determines your destiny and passes that work ethic along to the kids he teaches.

Greg Sharpe

A Mixed Martial Arts veteran competitor and a regular on the Ontario Jiu-Jitsu competition scene, Greg is one of the young guns of the next Warrior generation. A patient, technical instructor, Greg has been a welcome addition to the Warrior Team.

Paul Reed

Paul is another Ontario Provincial Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Champion from Warrior. He sets a fine example for what can be accomplished when starting your competing career in your thirties. Refusing to compete in the over thirty divisions, Paul’s dedication, drive and love for the sport has brought him to the top against men 10 years his junior. Paul is a mature, patient instructor and his favorite students are beginners that he can technically mold and shape for the future.

Cory Bresson

Cory is another one of Warrior’s experienced Mixed Martial Arts veteran competitors and a former wrestling champion. After dominating the Northern Ontario wrestling scene for 4 years Cory came 4th in the Canadian National Championships. Cory now teaches the No Gi takedown classes at Warrior. After moving to the area years ago, Cory chose Warrior for its history and because he realized Champions build Champions; so Warrior was the logical choice for him.

Mike Keefe

Canadian Lightweight Muay Thai Champion Mike Keefe is proud to join in the elite group of Warrior National Champions that came before him. If you want a tremendous work out, with a patient coach, who will enjoy taking the time to make your fundamentals great; then Mike is the instructor for you. Mike is great example of what can be accomplished with heart, determination and dedication. With always a smile on his face, Mike’s here to help shape another young generation of student’s in the Warrior winning technique.

Dean Zdriluk

Dean is another Grapplers Quest Gold Medallist from Warrior. With an education in Advanced Health & Fitness, he is a Personal Trainer that specializes in Strength and Fitness Conditioning. Dean uses all that education as he works your kids into shape in a fun and safe environment. Dean has the work ethic of a Champion learnt through martial arts and many marathon events. We all expect great things to continue from Dean.

Ryan Torrance

Canadian Light Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion Ryan Torrence has been a fixture on the Canadian competing scene for many years. Ryan dedicates most of his teaching time to the After School and Junior programs at Warrior. Unparalleled in his work ethic, Ryan has great well rounded skills in Muay Thai, BJJ & Wrestling and Ryan passes on his skills and work ethic as a mentor to his students. Character, politeness and focused listening skills are all goals in Ryan’s classes.

Jason Barker

Jason is a Professional Mixed Martial Arts athlete as well as a former Ontario Provincial Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Champion. He has excellent boxing skills and is a mixed martial artist that is well rounded and can do it all. Jason is a great example of commitment and work ethic determining how far you will go.

Tim Gyarmati

Tim is an extremely seasoned Mixed Martial Arts Athlete and a MMA Champion. After starting his training career in Canada, alongside Terry and Carlos, Tim then moved to Japan and continued his training in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA there. He became the North Japan MMA Champion in the prestigious Shooto organization with an impressive 12 – 2 Shooto MMA record. Tim is now back in Canada and brings his international experience to the Warrior Team as he heads up the Warrior North Program.

Matt Riggs

The youngest of the Warrior Instructors, Matt has technical excellence and ring maturity beyond his years. Matt is an Ontario Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and a CASK K-1 Kickboxing Champion. He is an excellent example of what can be accomplished through hard work, technical understanding and a belief in yourself. Let Matt help instill self-esteem and confidence in your kids.